Yearly tradition prompts Utah family to build 18-foot-tall snowman

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Posted at 10:59 AM, Jan 03, 2023

RIVERTON, Utah (KSTU) — Ben and Brinley Freeman took building a snowman to a new level.

"This one was only 18-foot-tall by the end of it," Ben said.

They named the snowman Charlie.

"Ben had added these like little chubby cheeks onto the head and I was like, 'Yep, he's a Charlie,'" Brinley said.

With a little bit of patience and muscle, these newlyweds, along with Ben's dad, spent a little more than two hours Sunday night building a snowman outside of their Riverton, Utah, home.

"The hardest ball to get on is the second ball because it's so big and you have to like lift it up," Ben said. "All three of us got underneath the snowball for that one."

The tall frosty figure caught plenty of nearby residents' attention.

"We actually had quite a few people that would, like, stop their cars," Ben said. "We had someone that, like, drove into our road and was like, 'That's so awesome.'"

This kind of winter weather fun isn't something new for him or his family.

"We call today 'Epic Snowman Day.' It's when we go out and just build an awesome snowman... It started when my sister was like two years old, so it's probably about 20-year-old tradition," Ben said.

While their snowman has lost a little bit of height, the Freemans say they don't plan to try and rebuild him.

"I'm just really grateful for my dad and my wife for wanting to continue this awesome tradition," Ben said.

It is a tradition that the Freemans say will continue next year.

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