Women report similar odd encounters of strangers approaching them in parking lots

Omaha Police looking into reports
Posted at 3:52 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 18:59:49-04

Omaha Police are warning women to be vigilant because of a couple of strange encounters in West Omaha. In the last week, people have been sharing stories on social media about encounters with strangers that left them feeling apprehensive.

The Child Victim Sexual Assualt Squad says they are looking at a report from a concerned citizen.

On Facebook women have reported being approached by another female in parking lots of Walmart at 132nd & L Streets, and a strip mall at 132nd & West Center Road. They claim she asks for a ride or money to help with her sick child.

A woman who wanted remain anonymous, who we will call "Melissa," says that Monday, a woman approached another at the YMCA on 168th & Q streets. She complimented her leggings and asked whether she would like to join a bible study. When the female refused she apparently became agitated and cornered the woman until Melissa stepped in. Melissa says the woman then left with two men.

"It's concerning because it makes me think that I can't leave my house by myself. I feel like I always need to have someone with me or something with me that I can protect myself with which should not happen.  I should be able to go to the Y or walk to Walmart and not have to worry about it," Melissa said.

OPD says right now they are unsure whether the woman who approached Melissa was trying to engage her in human trafficking.

Police are encouraging anyone to call 911 if they see suspicious behavior.