Litigation scuffle between Sen. Julie Slama and candidate Charles Herbster; hearing set for June

Posted at 6:22 PM, May 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-05 19:22:44-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — On Thursday, there were new details in the legal battle between candidate for governor Charles Herbster and State Sen. Julie Slama.

Herbster will no longer be deposed on Friday in response to Slama's counterclaims. He sued Slama after she said the candidate groped her three years ago. Slama counter-sued for sexual battery.

Herbster made a series of motions in court and a hearing is now scheduled for June 3 in Johnson County to resolve those motions.

Slama and her legal counsel, Dave Lopez, filed an objection to Herbster's motion to quash late Thursday afternoon.

Slama, Lopez and Herbster’s campaign all released statements on Thursday. Each are quoted in full, below:

Slama gave the following statement: “I am appalled at Charles Herbster’s blatant disregard of Nebraska’s judicial process. Charles Herbster sexually assaulted me and then sued me for telling the truth, but now he refuses to actually show up for his own deposition. I look forward to holding Herbster accountable through the judicial process."

Herbster’s campaign said: “David Lopez, who is also the attorney on the Jim Pillen for Governor corporate documents, is playing politics with a very serious matter. Arbitrarily selecting this Friday was clearly intended to take Charles off the campaign trail just days before the May 10th primary election.

Charles W. Herbster looks forward to clearing his name through the appropriate legal venues at times agreed to by both sides, just like any other serious legal matter. He will not play Mr. Lopez’s political games.”

Lopez's statement said: “Charles Herbster was served with a proper notice to appear at the Johnson County Courthouse for his deposition eleven days in advance. Notwithstanding this legal obligation, Herbster has confirmed he will not appear. Nebraska’s court rules for civil discovery provide for sanctions against parties who fail to appear at properly noticed depositions.

The court filings made today by Herbster’s lawyers contain misstatements of fact or plain misapplications of law. We have already responded and will make a more comprehensive response to these improper and inflammatory claims in due course and will continue to vigorously represent Senator Slama. Charles Herbster is not entitled to deprive Senator Slama of the counsel of her choice.”

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