Gov. Pete Ricketts unveils temporary housing option for teachers

Pete Ricketts
Posted at 2:02 PM, Sep 21, 2020

Gov. Pete Ricketts and leaders from the DHHS held a press conference Monday to highlight service to Medicaid recipients and a temporary housing option for teachers.

The governor reminded residents that Medicaid expansion enrollment started on Aug. 1 and coverage begins on Oct. 1.

Officials discussed an update to a Directed Health Measure involving schools. One major change is allowing more students to remain in schools after limited COVID-19 exposure.

Students who are exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case can return to the classroom without a quarantine if both the exposed and positive person were wearing masks.

If either party is unmasked, students will be required to quarantine.

Gov. Ricketts praised schools for taking steps to ensure safety and said it’s been a successful start to the school year.

Officials also discussed the Nebraska Accommodation Project, which has been opened up for teachers.

The program provides housing to allow people with COVID-19 to quarantine without risking infecting others.

Teachers are able to apply online if diagnosed with COVID-19. To qualify, teachers must be employed at a school in Nebraska and work around students. Additionally, the teacher must live with a high-risk person to qualify.

Applicants are usually placed within 24 hours at a hotel. The stay is for 14 days or until conditions change.

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