Ricketts: Person who died had COVID vaccine listed as factor; death occurred weeks later

Case being investigated by CDC
Pete Ricketts
Posted at 10:04 AM, Feb 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-12 14:54:37-05

LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) — On Friday, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts provided an update on COVID-19 response efforts in the state. The governor said one person who died had their COVID-19 vaccination listed as a contributing factor to their death.

The person who died was in their 40s at a long-term care facility and had a number of health conditions. The person didn’t die just after receiving the vaccine, as can be the case if an anaphylactic reaction occurs, but weeks later the governor said. Other factors were listed as the cause of death.

Out of millions of vaccine dosages administered nationwide, only a handful of people have died due to anaphylactic reaction immediately after receiving the vaccine, said Nebraska Medical Officer Dr. Gary Anthone. About 165,000 doses have been administered in the state without life-threatening reactions.

The CDC will be investigating the case and more information should be released as it progresses said the governor.

In regards to the speed at which vaccines are being administered, Ricketts said the state has distributed about 95% of first doses from vaccines allocated to Nebraska. Data from the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program is showing less have been given but the governor said that could be a lag in communication from the federal government.

With the program, data is reported directly to the federal government and then back to the state.

Ricketts said he wished the state would have been involved more to allow data exchange and assistance with scheduling.

The governor also commented on a legislative bill, LB637, which would reduce oversight by the Nebraska Department of Health Services on local health departments. Ricketts said he’s not in favor of the bill.

There was also a short presentation about updates to the state’s COVID-19 information dashboard. Features have been added which will highlight vaccination supply, dosage administration by the state, dosage administration by the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program and other data points.

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