Despite mandatory evacuation, these Floridians spend the day at Cocoa Beach

Posted at 1:33 PM, Sep 03, 2019

Hurricane Dorian's impact off Florida's coast is turning the strong wind and surf into tourist attractions for people in Cocoa Beach.

"I mean it's beyond crazy,” describes Sheane Lamar, who came to the beach to see the kite surfers taking advantage of the strong winds. “I came to see the craziness, and it's definitely crazy.”

Brevard County's mandatory evacuation went into effect on Monday.

Forecasters are telling people in Florida to continue taking the storm's threat seriously. However, the Floridians here say they’ve experienced these weather threats before and are confident they will be OK.

"Been there, done that," says Shalay Hubbard.

Hubbard brought her son to Cocoa Beach to see the weather move in.

"This is not all that scary for us," she says. "If you live in Florida, you better deal with hurricanes. If you live in Massachusetts, you better deal with blizzards."

The storm is expected to bring rain, wind and storm surge to Florida's space coast Tuesday night into Wednesday.