Florida woman uses Duct tape, plastic wrap on house to protect it from Hurricane Dorian

Posted at 6:49 PM, Sep 02, 2019

Hunkering down or getting out fast. That's what many residents in northern Florida are doing ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

One woman went to an extreme to protect her home.

In hurricanes Matthew and Irma, Jacksonville residents saw devastating flooding. Many rebuilt their homes on stilts.

With Hurricane Dorian churning as a Category 4, people who plan to evacuate are taking some unique precautions.

Brittany Vidal of the Davis Shores neighborhood is plastic wrapping her home, securing it with close to 300 sand bags and Duct tape.

"We just started out by doing 6 mil plastic all around the house," said Brittany Vidal. "I think we are only on roll three."

She's lived through Matthew and Irma and her home flooded both storms.

Now, she is considering raising her home but trying the plastic wrap for now.

"Hopefully our barricade will do something for us this year, but at least we can immediately start getting fans, get things going," said Vidal.

She lives in what is considered Zone A.

Zones A and B are made up close to 149,000 people around Jacksonville who were asked to evacuate.

Vidal says for now she is staying put.

Millions are under mandatory evacuations along the east coast as meteorologists continue to track Dorian as it is projected to turn north after being stationary much of the day over Grand Bahamas island.