PAC backs Sen. Sasse for president, whether...

Posted at 7:09 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 20:14:04-04
Two terrible options, ‘less popular than a dumpster fire,’ scathing words from US Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska.
He penned an open letter to what he calls “majority America.”
Now a political PAC is hoping SASSE will fill the role as a third party candidate.
Douglas County GOP Director John Sieler is spreading the word that the party should unite around Donald Trump, if they don't want another Democrat in the White House.
Sieler says he still supports senator Sasse, despite his comments about Trump on Facebook.
“I like Senator Sasse,” Sieler said. “I campaigned for him. I consider him a friend but we just so happen to disagree on this particular issue. I think it's very important for Republicans to vote for Republicans and I'm certainly going to do that and I'm going to vote for Donald Trump for president.”
Eric Maranga founded Draft Sasse for president more than two months ago in the Washington DC area and Houston, and disagrees with the notion that a Sasse candidacy would help Hillary Clinton.
“The fact that a vote for Sasse would be a vote for Hillary isn't true because she's already winning,” Maranga said.
Maranga says he did not create the committee to get Hillary Clinton Elected.
“That's not what I'm saying at all,” Maranga said. “There is an appetite on both sides and if we get the infrastructure in place, and if we can move with urgency and we can raise enough support, I think there's a possibilityy, that's why we're doing this, but it's anything but Hilary of course.”
KMTV made several attempts to contact Senator Sasse but he, nor his staff, accepted a request for an interview.
After this story aired on Action 3 News, Sasse’s campaign office sent this email:
“Sorry about the delay -- I'm following up on the request that you sent James Wegmann earlier today. He wanted me to thank you for reaching out. We are going to politely decline at this time. Let's staying in touch though.”