Permitless concealed carry bill advances in Nebraska Legislature on Tuesday night

Posted at 7:28 PM, Mar 28, 2023

UPDATE 8:25 p.m.

Lawmakers advanced LB 77 on Tuesday night. It would remove gun registration requirements and allow concealed carry without a permit.

Tuesday was the second round of debate after the bill passed a first round earlier this month. It still needs another round of approval from the legislature.


The Nebraska Legislature again debated a bill that would significantly impact gun regulations in the state.

The bill, LB 77, introduced by State Sen. Tom Brewer, would allow concealed carry of handguns without a permit, and the class and fee that currently come along with it.

Brewer and proponents call it "constitutional carry," saying the proposed law simply recognizes the rights guaranteed by the second amendment.

"It is giving people the ability to concealed carry without going through the permit process and paying for it," Brewer said during Tuesday afternoon's debate.

Debate from Lincoln State Sen. Jane Raybould included mention of Monday's shooting that killed three children and three adults at a private elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee.

She introduced a "red flag" bill that has not advanced from committee. It would allow law enforcement and courts to intervene and remove firearms when a court finds someone poses a threat to themselves or others.

"We are a society of gun violence and it's really tragic that we have to deal with that issue today," she told 3 News Now in advance of the debate Tuesday.

In light of Monday's school shooting, Brewer said he supports school resource officers and training in schools, "but that's a different bill."

"The state of Nebraska will all be under the same rules," Brewer said of his bill. "I think that's essential because if you're traveling through a particular town you shouldn't have to worry about being charged with a crime when you don't even know it's a crime."

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