Rep. Bacon speaks on looming government shutdown, Offutt runway & his no vote on the Electoral College Act

Don Bacon
Posted at 6:28 PM, Sep 27, 2022

Congress only has a few days left in Washington before the November election and, before they go home, they need to fund the government.

Nebraska congressman Don Bacon spoke with the media from his Washington D.C. office Tuesday afternoon and said the U.S. Senate is running the process and he doesn't even know what’s in the bill quite yet.

“The Democrats would like to add more to the bill, the Republicans want a straight (continuing resolution), get us through the election. So, I don’t know the outcome there, but I anticipate getting that Friday. If we don’t get it Friday, we’ll be in session Saturday,” said Bacon.

Bacon also touched on topics such as Iran, a recent neighborhood grant in South Omaha, and on the completion of the Offutt Air Force Base runway. A celebration is planned Friday for the new $165 million runway that before the update was chipping away.

Bacon, who was stationed at Offutt twice, said he even has pieces of the old one in his office.

“If we have such a bad runway, what are the odds the Air Force is going to keep Offutt Air Force Base”? said Bacon.

Finally, he expanded on why he voted ‘no’ on the Electoral County Act, which harmonizes the process of January 6th, when Congress certifies the Presidential election.

Bacon said he’ll likely vote for it when it comes back after the Senate and House bills are combined. He said the House version includes portions that would have federalized the election.

“Frankly, what we really needed is clarification of the role of the vice president,” said Bacon.

After this week, Bacon will be in the Omaha-area campaigning through the election.

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