When and where to be for 2016 Nebraska Caucus

Posted at 5:19 PM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 18:19:58-05

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will go head to head in the Nebraska Caucus on Saturday.

In the metro area people will have Douglas and Sarpy county locations to go too .

Douglas County will have over a dozen locations to choose from and the caucus starts at 10am, with check-in starting at 8am.

See list of locations here.

Sarpy County will have three locations to choose from and the caucus starts at 2pm, with check-in starting at 1pm.

See list of locations here.

“This is a unique opportunity, it doesn't come in quite the same way, you can promote it differently than going to the polls on one day, and this is a fellowship thing,” said Neal Vonseggern who will organize the caucus at Papillion-La Vista High School, where they expect hundreds of people.

“The last time we had any large caucus was in ’08, and that turned out to be a big surprise, and we don't want that to happen and we want to it be easy and people to have a good feeling about it ,” he said.

Massive crowds are an advantage for Bernie Sanders, his press secretary Symone Sanders tells KMTV.

“We are encouraging people to G.O.T.C., get out to caucus, because this is how we make our voice heard,” said Sanders.

If you are not a registered democratic voter, you can still go online and register or do it onsite Saturday.  

“It’s not too late to learn how to caucus, and it’s not too late to get out, if you weren't thinking about caucusing until today, or right now, you can still go out and caucus,” said Sanders.

To see full list of caucus locations click here.