Temporary stop signs added to Ralston interesection after neighbor concerns

Posted at 5:12 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 18:28:49-04

Changes are being made to a potential safety hazard that popped up during road repairs in Ralston.

People who live near 77th & Highland Streets want to know when a big hole will be repaved because it's causing hazards for drivers and anyone walking in the area.

On Thursday, Metropolitan Utilities District had to do emergency valve replacement at the intersection.  Though three directions are at the intersection, it is a two-way stop for westbound and southbound drivers not eastbound.  Neighbors say it's been a disaster with cars not stopping to avoid going in the other lanes.

Sean Davis captured surveillance of one person running into one of the barricades and driving off.

"I guess I really don't know what to think of it, it's just people not having a heads up that there's construction here or having a hard time seeing around it trying to make sure they're out of the way," Davis explained.

3 News Now contacted MUD and already changes are being made.  They put up a temporary stop sign for the eastbound traffic to prevent a possible crash.

MUD says the repaired valve was part of a water infrastructure project, and it should be paved within the next day or so.