All Aboard! Interactive model train exhibit

Posted at 4:24 PM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-26 17:25:55-05
Two retirees and life-long devotees of a hobby have put a ton of time and effort into their craft.
Reporter Lindsey Theis shows us why this has put some others "on track" for some real fun.
"Henry and I just built this last year. "nat train sound "nothing ever works the first time""this is the first year we've done this."
Scott Crites and Henry Nipper are retired. But in that time they've been training hard."I got my first line L train when I was 7 years old." If you will, for today they've accumulated track. Lots of it. The guys are part of Omaha N-Trak. Volunteers share their passion with others with this table showing off the sights, sounds,"We have a sound box that we're going to use that will give us sound for the train" And functions.
"The group of volunteers actually brings two train tables in; this is the first year they have been at the UP museum, and this is the really cool part, like this one, they are both completely hands on and interactive for the kiddos." "Most of the kids when they come through these train shows, everybody tells them don't touch, don't touch. We said lets find something that they can do" "They can come in and pick up the grain carts, bring them in and take them back. That's kind of why we picked that."
The trains are on display through December 31st. So whether you're a kid, or a kid at heart..."When we were younger we couldn't afford it now we have more discretionary income. And these are small enough you can sneak them in past your wife".. you're on track to enjoy them.