Creepy, kooky, without the spooky: Children's Museum host family-friendly Halloween attraction

Posted at 4:32 PM, Oct 05, 2016

Looking for a Creepy and kooky Halloween attraction but without the spooky?

The Omaha Children's Museum has a new feature that is like a haunted house, without the scares.

It's called the Cobweb castle. 

It just opened this past weekend, and features fun things like this dungeon, that you can get out of.

Becky Oldehoeft and her kiddos make an annual October trip to the children's museum.

“There's five of them and we go from 9 to 4 months so this is a good place to come to keep each age having a good time together and having fun,” she said.


From a noodle forest to portraits that seem to move.

Haunted castle has features to create a thrilling experience without the scares.

New to this year, characters like Dr. Bones based off a character from Disney’s princess and the frog.

Host critter corner at the castle, where kids can encounter creepy-crawly animals like spiders.

There's also a giant coweb for kids to climb and a giant black light artwork wall.

Ultimately, it's less creepy, and more getting that crawly, bouncing energy out of the kiddos.

“They're doing some other fun activities to coincide with the kid friendly scare-free haunted house including several healthy trick or treating days,” Oldehoeft said. 

For more information on the attraction, click here.