Digital Library Offers Free Classes for Seniors

Posted at 3:03 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-06 18:43:56-05

Whether its Skyping with a senior or Facebooking with family, a group that is by seniors for seniors is growing at the Do Space digital library.

"There's regulars. We all know each other," said Lyle Franzen.

It's kind of like cheers, but instead of Norm, there's Lyle. Plus, coffee and doughnuts instead of beer.

The senior cyber society-or the cyber seniors of Do Space started when the new tech library opened in November. It's so popular, they have had to move to a bigger room within the Do Space.

Each week, from nine to noon, a group of senior volunteers meet with other seniors, and tackle all things tech. It's completely free.

This Wednesday is Anna Killion's second time with the group. She's learning photoshop after seeing a quilt and photo exhibit she wanted to enhance.

"This is the 100th creation of the anniversary of national parks, and they did 13 other parks, but they didn't do yellow stone. I found that offensive. So I'm going to do my own," she said, sorting through photos she was cropping on photoshop.

There's Skype talk, smart phones and picture messaging, app downloads and malware removals. There's even someone explaining what the internet is.

The whole idea is the support of a peer group and sharing a like experience, says Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director of the Do Space.

"It kind of lowers the barrier, kind of cuts away from any anxiety that you may have."

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