Dodgeball, on springs

Posted at 3:04 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 17:18:59-04

From that first whistle, you're off. Just like dodge ball, you run to the middle line and try to grab a ball before your opponents. 

But this time, you'll have to bounce your way to the center. Defy Gravity has been offering dodgeball on springs ever since they opened.  Both in the light and glow in the dark, with bright day glow balls.

Wednesday, summer campers were catching onto the craze, but the manager says adults also are starting competitive teams.

"We rotate games out so anyone can come out. Whether they are part of a party, or they want to come out for open jump to the public," Susan Stewart said.

Stewart says the rules are the same as regular dodgeball. Teams run to the middle and retrieve the balls, throwing them at the opposing side. If it hits a player they're out, but if its caught, the person who throws it is out.
The first team to eliminate all its opponents is declared the winner. 

While its mostly fun and games, this fun will give you a core workout while your bouncing, catching, and dodging. Plus, Stewart says, It'll keep you forever young.

"I had a 75 year old come and play with his grandkids, so its across the board," she said.