Eat Fit Go: Pre made Healthy meals

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 18:02:48-05

Omaha trainer and mom Mandy Paulik is like most parents, life is a constant go.

"I'm caravanning all day after school and working all day before, during school. I try to be healthy most of the time," she said.

Now an Omaha start up is helping that healthy most of the time, for movers and shakers like Mandy.

"So whatever we're selling today, we make tomorrow. We deliver the next day," he said.

Eat Fit Go makes and delivers meals out of their kitchen near 75th and Pacific.  The food is specifically weighed out to meet recommended portions. On average,McKeever says people order between five and six meals at less than $10 bucks a pop, for about a meal a night for a week, or three meals for a couple of days. The food has about a week shelf life, he says.

Eat fit go, is a meal prep company out of Omaha. McKeever said the first location will open near 180th Street and West Dodge Road. A second location is planned for Aksarben Village.

Owner Aaron McKeever used to be the majority owner in both Jams Bar & Grill and Pitch Pizzeria. He says he's seen healthy food concepts popping up around the country and wanted to bring one to Omaha.