'Found: Vintage Market' set to open in Benson

Posted at 3:44 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 18:39:41-04

In Benson, a big DIY project is underway.

 A project the size of 10 thousand square feet. 

The old imaginarium is getting ready to open as found: vintage market. Just in time for Benson days. 

The owner just signed the lease five weeks ago now it's all about getting ready for opening day.

Laci Mulick is hard at work getting ready for a big reveal. 

This furniture fixer upper started her business the vintage chandelier in fall 2013, making trash into treasure from old furniture she'd scour from garage and estate sales.

She'd gotten into it after DIY-ing for her 3 kids' bedrooms.

Now the kids are helping her as she is getting ready for a big move after she found a new space. 

The new business, appropriately called “Found”, will feature hundreds of pieces that laci's found and hoarded over the years. Some already painted and fixed up, others, in their natural state so diy'ers can do them on their own. 

She's also gotten the help of other makers. 

Specializing in things like upholstery and small accessory pieces.

The store, set to open for this weekend’s Benson days, and is a big leap from just three years ago. 

But just as the vintage chic signs on the walls in the shop say, the best, is yet to come.

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