Free summer camp helps girls gain leadership skills

Posted at 3:08 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-21 17:41:53-04

For this handful of girls, Girl Scout summer camp is a warm welcome. 

These female campers are apart of Girl Scouts' YWE camp, geared towards girls grades 9-12.

The camp taking place at Camp Catron in Nebraska City, located 45 minutes from Omaha. 

Female campers like Char Soe had to complete a rigorous application to be considered. 

"I had to write a bio, I had to do a phone interview, and write 2 essays." she said.

"And that's because in between the typical camp activities like archery, these girls are paired one on one with strong, successful female mentors. "

Fellow camper Ehsan Dahai tells KMTV what the camp is about.

"YWE camp, which is young women's executive camp and it's where we have our mentor, she said.

"They're teaching us interviewing skills interpersonal skills that we are going to need in the future."

Getting time to pick their brain, which in turn boosts these girls confidence. And most importantly, connects them to a picture, of what their future might look like.

The camp is free for teens and lasts until Sunday. 

To learn more of the camp and Girl Scouts of Nebraska, click here.