Handmade in the Heartland: Main Street Studio

Posted at 6:32 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 22:06:46-05

From jewelry to glass ornaments, today's gift ideas come in many forms, from one spot. 

The Main Street Studios in Downtown Elkhorn.

Different artists working with different mediums come together 

It was the brain child of this guy, Tyler Curnes.

Main Street Studios is putting this little business area on the map.  Think hot shops, but a little smaller, and out west.

"Glass artwork we got bronze sculpture in house a silversmithing house in acrylic painter in house and then on top of those for we have a mixed media sculptor and mixed media wall artist watercolor artist and an oil artist,” he said.

The space itself is a mix between different artists’ studios and a gallery space to show off their work. And the space, is an art project in and of itself. 

“My grandfather used to come here for gas in the 1940s,” he added.

Curnes gutted the old gas station, using all kind of reclaimed wood and repurposed materials for the gallery and a living space in the back. 

"The ceiling is actually they had previously rotted away a little bit it sat vacant for 35 years so going through and fixing that up I really wanted it to be something with that was original or a kin to the original wood so I went to Elma Nebraska and tore out and repurposed that wood,” Curnes said.

For gift ideas, there's everything from glass magnets and tree ornaments that cost a couple of bucks to jewelry and even ornamental statues in the thousands of dollars. 

Most of all it's from a collective of artists, all making different pieces by hand in the Heartland. 

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