Kayaking Indoors

Posted at 3:13 PM, Jan 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 18:39:43-05
Even with cold temperatures outside, one local company will have you feeling like your in Florida boating. WoggWorks Kayaking owners Christie and Walt Vosicka offer the sport inside through classes at the Monteclair pool.
"You might not be able to go to Key West but we got Key West right here," Christie Vosicka says. 
WoggWorks Kayaking was a draw for Sam Bass.
"I flipped my boat in Puget Sound with my son and I figured maybe I should take some lessons to figure out what I was actually doing," he said.
It's not just a paddle upstream. They spent a good part of the class just teaching safety, like sizing your kayak, getting in and out, and picking your paddle size. From there, it's a jump into the pool or down a shute and just tred water.
"The indoor in actually nice because the water is smooth. Out on the lakes when you kayak you get some chop which can make it more challenging," 
They run you through a course, some weights, and a couple of kayak races, until the time is up and lap swimmers take over the pool. 
The classes include a 50+ Froggy Fridays, for half an hour in the pool sessions, starting this Friday, Jan. 8th. You can train now and then visit these top 10 places to kayak in Nebraska this Summer.
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