La Vista-Papio students learn banking skills

Posted at 4:23 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 18:17:15-05

Do you ever remember being in math class and wondering "when are we going to use this is real life?" the real life application has come to Papio-La Vista schools. 

Twice a week, walnut creek elementary 6th graders are learning what it's like to work in banking.

“Every 1st Wednesday and 3rd Wednesday we come at 7:45 and we sit here and kids come make their deposits,” Said Katrina Bakke, student.

“You can't start too early and that kids this age really can learn from understanding, saving, and how it works,” said Mary Wahonick, counselor.

That's the whole idea.

In November, SAC Federal Credit Union partnered with a group of 6th grade students from Walnut Creek Elementary to open a new branch in the school.

Students come in with real cash and then make real deposits to student tellers.

“They'll be earning interest on those accounts, they are saving accounts specifically for kids. And so they get to learn the value of saving,” Gail DeBoer, SAC President.

“It was kind of fun because I'm not much of a spender myself. Saving money for better things is kind of better than spending it on random stuff you don't really need,” Nora Isbilir, student 

The entire thing is supervised by someone from sac and the school's counselor.