Local comedian creates songs based on suggestions on Facebook

Posted at 8:42 PM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 23:30:41-05

Each Tuesday, Matt Geiler, a very goofy but talented Omaha dad is making music out of his basement

This isn't your dad's garage band though.

Matt is rapping and singing all on the spot.

The Facebook live shows are called #MakeMattsing.

From the Second City to Los Angeles, he's bringing music to the masses.

The set up consists of lights, several iPads, a sound mixer and cameras.

"I usually am improvising with a cordless microphone. You going for some product placement? Sponsorship? I want people to realize this is legit! (laughs),” he said.

In his mind, Matt's streamed about half a dozen singing events so far.

Each last about an hour. And with about a thousand viewers at a time, he's at no loss for ideas.

Which he gets from the live feedback.

“it's like that. So the comments will just come in. On here? Yeah. They'll pop up on the Facebook,” he said.

Even though matt makes it look very easy.

As for the future of make matt sing, only time will tell.

But like a good song, Geiler hopes his idea will build.

“Let's just flow it from some shady basement location and then let it grow man, I mean let it grow,” he said. 

To watch his Facebook broadcasts, click here.