Logan Sprunk, Weather Wunderkid

Posted at 11:50 AM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 19:01:03-04

 Most teenagers before high school are focusing on driving, video games and sports. Logan Sprunk sits in his basement learning about the weather to tell his viewers.

Sprunk, age 14, first gained an interest in the weather when he was 12. Large storms that summer played a large role in his developing passion for reporting the weather.

"When the storm happened in Pilgram, Nebraska, I was sitting down at my grandparents house watching the weather channel," said Sprunk. "I was like wow, that's very interesting."

After witnessing the storms and deciding to get in contact with storm chasers, Sprunk launched his own weather studio in the basement of his parent's home in Columbus, Nebraska.  Friends and family of Sprunk had a hard time deciding if his weather streams would be a success. Some even gained a disbelief that Sprunk's weather studio even existed.

"Some of my friends don't believe that actually have a little studio in my basement, so they sometimes come down here or I take pictures to show it to them," said Sprunk. "But I would have to say most of all this is like my mainly hobby just doing my weather stuff and all that."

Weather reports that Sprunk records, sometimes live, are shared to viewers mostly through social media.

"Most of my weather videos go on my Facebook page. They can go on my website. They can go to Youtube, mostly social media gets them," said Sprunk. "I've been in contact with different cable companies trying to get it on TV."

As for how Sprunk is forecasting his future, the picture is clear. He wants to become a meterologist and get a PHD. He wants to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and try to get on a TV station in Nebraska or in Oklahoma.

"Oklahoma they got they have some pretty interesting like storms that develop there. And in Nebraska, you've got a fifty percent chance it could be storming, it could be raining, it could be different things," he said.