Man loses 250 pounds,bikes for suicide awareness

Posted at 3:08 PM, May 19, 2016

It's been two years since Jim Clements made a big decision to lose weight.

"I stepped onto the scale. It said I was over 500 pounds. If you ever needed a wake up call in life, that was it," he said.

In that time, Clements lost half his body weight, trained for and completed a half marathon, and trecked up the stairs of the first national tower.

"I've had some stressors in life and put a little weight back on," he said.

We all have had that feeling where we've lost weight only to put back twice as much back on. Last week, National Institute of Health researchers published a study earlier that's troublesome for folks like Jim. They looked at ex biggest looser contestants. Everyone gained back weight post series.

The findings: the more successful you are at loosing weight, the slower your metabolism will be and the hungrier you'll be. While he wasn't on the show, for a big looser like Jim, that meant having a metabolism so slow, he'd only be able to eat 800 calories a day.

But Jim doesn't see the news as bad.

"For me, it was a boost. Now I know what I am dealing with, now I know that I do have to change my life," he said.

A little weight, but nothing to weigh him down. This Sunday, Jim will tackle another exercise goal. He'll participate in the Tour of Hope, a 25 mile bike ride, to raise suicide awareness. He says that be it  mental health or physical health, there's something all of this has in common.

"If you truly believe you can do something, and you believe it in the face of every research paper and every person and nay sayer saying you can't do it, you can probably do it," he said.

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