Mom asks people to send her son birthday cards

Posted at 3:50 PM, Sep 19, 2016

A Bellevue mother has a simple, wish for her three year old autistic son, and is asking for your help. Send him a card.

Now she's taken to Facebookand the community to make his birthday special.

Liam Rosemeyer is a three year old boy, through and through. He loves playing with his toys and telling you about  airplanes. His entire bedroom is decked out in them. He'll point out the sizes and tell you their names. He learned them because he dad works at Offutt. That was until he was deployed overseas.

Dad won't be in Nebraska for Liam's birthday on September 28th. But mom, Sara, is making sure it is still super special. See there's one more thing that this boy absolutely loves.

"He watches the postman come and go," Sara Rosemeyer said. "And he watches the truck, even with the door shut. So he gets excited going out there."

Liam loves mail. Everything about it. He can't wait to open the Amazon boxes. He excited in going to check the mailbox down the block. 

"He's just he's got a little hop in his step and he's excited to check out the box. He wants the keys. He want do it himself," she said.

The soon to be four year old can't deicer between junk mail, bills, or letters. He loves them all. So even if this kid can't read yet and needs a boost to get to the mailbox, mom is asking others to help her give her son, a simple gift.

"I got to thinking how great would it be, if everybody sent Liam a card of his birthday," she said.

To send a birthday card or letter, please send to: PO Box 13005 Offutt AFB, NE 68113.