New trend: Flower arranging parties

Posted at 3:01 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-24 18:50:48-04

A pop of champagne and some pops of color: that's the basics of the flower parties, a new idea from Omaha business Bouquet.

It's exactly what it sounds like. A group shows up, gets an assortment of blooms, and then receives a how to from cutting tips to how to assemble.

The idea came to owner Julie Hockney, an interior designer by trade. She wanted to offer some education to people who wanted to do something fun but weren't planning for a big event.

The floral arranging is a zen experience, says students like Nicole Huber.

"It's really open and relaxing and it's not anything pretentious and scary and it's something people normally don't do, so it's a nice attraction, you know to try something new," Huber said.

Each arrangement reflects and varies on the person.

"We'll have 12 people here are 12 different arrangements," says Mark Griffiths, who runs the workshops. "Completely different styles, the greens look different from the get go. So you know it's going to be different, and then they place their flowers different."

Best part, you get to take home what you make.

Griffiths also offered us his top three spring flower tips:
1.  When buying flowers for a Holiday - shop early for best and freshest selections
2.  If you are new at designing, keep it simple with only two or three types of flowers and maybe even a monochromatic color palette - this will make your arrangement more bold and impactful with a designer quality.
3.  When buying loose stems at a floral shop - be sure to check the foliage.  That will often give you a good indication as to the freshness of the blooms.  If the foliage is wilty or turning brown, they may not be very fresh.