Omaha authors pen stories for kids, adults

Posted at 3:16 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 19:55:23-04

Writing a book may sound like a daunting task, but a hometown audience has made publishing promising.

College senior Brielle Kelly has a passion for children. On the side, she's written 'The Little Skunk Who was Afraid to Stink.' a book written in both spanish and english for dual language learners. The story is about a young skunk who fears starting kindergarten because he is afraid he might accidentally spray someone.

"100% of the proceeds are always donated to local children's charities depending on the organization that i'm working with its donated to them," Kelly said.

Omahan Matt Geiler has written and illustrated 'The adventures of Edison Matthews." In the book, Edison and his dad dive into whimsical adventures like purple rhinos and talking tigers. Geiler started the idea years ago from imaginative drawings he did for his then young son, who is now 13.

"I know that he like enjoys it and is proud of it," Geiler said. "But he's also like moving into the early stages of teenage angst. So you know, he's not like super forthcoming with complements. He's like, 'yeah, that's great. That's cool'."

Allison Janda, a copywriter by day, has published a series by night. This is a mystery series parents will love. With titles like 'Lust, Longing, and Lemon Sorbet.'

"They're all like a food, fun theme. They're all mysteries," she said.

For these three authors, the challenges of edits, self publishing, and writers block has been eased by their home town and its supportive community.

"Omaha is great in the sense that it is a very tight knit community. So you know you tell one creative person that you're an author and they're like, 'oh I know this person.' or 'I know that person' or 'I can hook you up with this person'." Janda said.

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