Omaha boy raises money for rare blood disorder

Posted at 3:52 PM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-01 17:51:32-04

Cale Ferrin, 10, is battling a rare disease, Fanconi Anemia, that affects fewer than a thousand people.

Instead of suffering in sadness, however, he's full of life and helping raise money for others with an upcoming charity golf tournament.

Fanconi Anemia is a rare blood disease, that makes him prone to cancer.

"His blood quality depreciates as he gets older, and it leads to bone marrow failure," mom Britteny Ferrin told us back in 2015, when we first met Cale.

At that time, Cale wasn't taking life too seriously. He was living life to the fullest, playing with his siblings and pursuing a career that has landed him on Nickelodeon television shows, in between school. This year, as Cale gets ready to turn 11, he's still full of joy and silliness, dancing in between putts and rolling the ball into the holes at Prehistoric Putt in Omaha.

"Woo Hoo!" he says!

Cale's also had a lot of fun experiences. He started the 5th grade in August, and has taken in some fun concerts too.

"I just went to Lady Gaga recently. Which was so amazing," he says. 

Cale is raising money for Fanconi Anemia. To participate, go to to find out more information or sign up. The tournament is on September 15th, a day after Cale turns 11.