Omaha Facial Hair Society: beards, mutton...

Posted at 4:10 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 17:24:12-05
From the bushy, to the smooth. They have all different colors and lengths and chops. They meet in man cave spaces, like ROI, and Old Market Cigar Shop with an aptly placed Bearded Buffalo. They're members of the Omaha Facial Hair Society and they are about celebrating the face's folicials. 
"People tend to look down on beards. as the rougher type of group, and we want to change that outlook as far at the community," Mark Beneda said.
Beneda started the group on Facebook in 2013. Now their membership has grown to more than 375 members. They meet every second Sunday of the month. Anyone can join. They've had women too. They don't have beards, they just appreciate men with them. The talk consists of their upcoming competition for beards and chops in March, grooming tips, beard oils, and which barber to visit. 
"Someone has a different way of clipping their mustache there's several different ways, you get to learn them from each other that way or you know we have different ways of trimming our beards so where to go for hair cuts or beard trims," Jayce Patterson, another member says.
They also include talk of giving back. On the docket Tuesday, they're trying to think of how to raise money for the polar plunge and help those affected by this weekend's fire in the Old Market. It's a community of hair, but also helping.
"Help out with fundraising and charity anything we can do," Beneda says.
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