Omaha photographer fights body shaming

Posted at 4:03 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 17:36:14-04

Fremont mother, Molly Bird, like many women, says she's experienced body shaming.

"Right after I had my second child, a few months later I still had some weight. I would get questions like 'when are you due?' Well meaning from people, but it was very very hurtful," she recalls.

Then Bird met Omaha photographer Dezirae Thrower.  Thrower is a photographer, who has done a lot of boudoir photography sessions. She believes in minimal touching up.

"When I am behind the camera, and I am looking through that camera and I see a mom that has had 4 kids that is totally self conscious about her stretch marks. I'm looking at her going this women is beautiful," she said.

Now, Thrower is taking on negative self talk. She had seen this. New Jersey photographer Jess Fielder photographed 17 women as part of her series titled "Project: Self Love." Each model wore a black bathing suit and held up a sign with something another person "said to them in their lives about their bodies that impacted their self-confidence negatively,"

Thrower is adding to the project. She's inviting women to join her at a private home in Fremont this Saturday. There, Thrower snaps shots of each woman wearing a basic black tank top and shorts. In some of the photos, the models hold up signs.

"Of something that somebody has said to you to you that has made you feel ashamed of your body, and they'll hold that sign, we'll take that picture. They'll hold another sign that you feel when somebody says that to you, what the truth should be."

It's an idea, and a message that Molly has taken to heart. A lesson she hopes she can pass on to her young kids too.

"We have to change our inner voice to ourself and so and speak to ourself kindly and positively. And then we can be more open to thinking of other people that way too," she said.

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