Pirates and Mermaids opens at Children's Museum

Posted at 3:12 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 12:05:13-04

Through September 4th, families can take a swim under the sea and learn all about marine life, while playing at the new exhibit Pirates and Mermaids.

Jack and Nolan Harr, 3, were among those playing around Monday on the new exhibit.

It's the first time the OCM has been open on a Monday.

"Anything to get them out physically moving and using their minds," mother Kate Harr said.

lads and lassies can visit davy jones's locker in the new exhibit. there's five larger than life moving sea can even play their own sea creature. there's also touch tanks and up-close encounters with real sea life. 

"Actually this is probably one of the best ones we've seen because we've come to a lot of different ones over the years, this one with all the interactive stuff, and the things for kids to climb on">

Lads and lassies can visit Davy Jones's locker in the new exhibit. There's five larger than life moving sea creatures, a two story ship, touch tanks and a hydroponic garden.

The goal of all of the features, is to teach kids while they're playing. Take for example, the sand box in the exhibit. A computer reads the height of the mounds the kids make, and teaches topographical maps.

Teaching pint sized scalywags as they topsail, while burning off some energy on those hot summer days.