Ralston mom of 7 Battles Pancreatic Cancer

Posted at 4:34 PM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 23:10:38-04

Any parent would tell you they want to raise their kids to be strong and preserving. A Ralston mom is teaching her seven kids that lesson, while facing a tough battle of her own.

One of the first things you see when you walk into Helen Mischke's home is a wall of family photos. And those pictures are really worth a thousand words. Photos of her family, mom, dad, and seven kids. From a thousand words, to none. This August the family faced a moment where there's not much you really can say. Helen was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

"One thing that one of the littler ones, my younger daughter, said was 'are you going to die?' and I said 'anyone can die, any day. The difference is we get to take the time we have and make it as precious as we can," Mischke said.

One of the best ways you can sum up this mom is preserving. She's undergoing chemo treatments, focused on her kids and caring for others.

"It's inspirational. It helps keep you going," Jedidiah Hardy, her son said.

Sometimes the strongest of people need a little bit help too. A group of nurses from Helen's school learned her story, the second struggle the family fought. A fire destroyed their former house last year.

"After recovering from their fire like it took them a year to get back on their feet and $20,000 a month in medical bills rolling in now they just need a little bit of extra help," said Danielle Turner, PN and president of the student nursing association at Metro Community College.

Now, having the patience to be the patient, getting cared for, and the community support: Helen says makes her strong as she fights.

"People are just good and I can't believe all these people that have reached out. You think I'm the only person. No one understands. But everybody wants to help," she said.  "You can fight you don't have to give up. There's hope."

Family and friends are hosting a benefit Sunday, Oct. 23rd from 11 to 4 at Ralston middle school for Helen and her family. It includes a benefit spaghetti dinner, silent auction, and raffle drawings. You can also help donate to cost by going to any American National Bank branch and donating to the Hope for Helen Mischke account, or click here.