Second City comes to Omaha

Posted at 5:39 PM, Mar 09, 2016

UNO had the front row for funny Wednesday as Second City stopped through the big O.

Long before they were hilarious household names, famous actors like Steve Carrell, Steven Colbert,  and Tina Fey worked on their comedic timing on the Second City stages in Chicago.

Before the touring cast of the Second City improv all stars hit the stage tonight, they sat down for an intimate talk about the real world with UNO students.

"That was awesome! I would have loved for a professional to sit down with me and say this is what you can expect to encounter and you can expect to deal with," said cast member Eve Krueger, "And the fact that it is so specialized as what we deal with with the Second City, that is super, super cool. "

It's equally cool and inspiring for student Jordyn Peterson.

"I'm really happy that they were able to come here and let us know what to look forward to in the future," she said.

Second City will perform two shows Wednesday night, at UNO, made up entirely on the spot. It's exciting for theater students who are not only ready for some entertainment, but to say, they may have seen the next hilarious household name before they make it big.

"I would be like, I was there, this is my proof, and then I would put it on every social media thing that I own!" Peterson said.