Students bring seniors lunch

Posted at 4:02 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 17:50:45-05

At Omaha's Intercultural Senior Center Tuesday, a handful of Norris Middle School students like Sushmita Puri helped serve lunch to dozens of seniors from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

"A lot of them may not have grandchildren or may not get to see their grandchildren, " said DeAna Lara-Perea, Program Director at the center.

The give back isn't just in handing out food. It's the connection these kids have made.

"A lot of them, they didn't talk,"Puri explained. "I would say 'namaste'. That means 'hello,' and they were like, 'You speak napali too?' I was just like, 'yeah!' And I talked to them. It kind of feels good. Yeah, it does."

The students, part of Norris's junior honor society have volunteered more than 350 hours this half of the school year. Tuesday was only their second visit to the center, but already, because of the bonds it's become one of the favorites.

"It's the list on my door its pretty ridiculous how many people want to come and I don't have that much room in my minivan!" Katrina Jacobberger with Norris said.

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