Things to do during Spring Break

Posted at 4:27 PM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 17:27:55-04
Spring Break is in full swing for many.
It's a great time to go on vacation with the family, or perhaps find some great deals on local hotspots. Lindsey Theis went digging for ideas to help keep the kids busy.
Spring Break has sprung. But instead of going stir crazy, here are some options for the kids and family.
At the Durham you can explain to your kids what a record player, and computer and roller skates were. The 70's exhibit is made up of items all borrowed from the community. Get ready to explain what life was like pre-text. 
In Ashland, the kids can get a science lesson in with a day trip. The SAC Museum recently opened a black holes exhibit, teaching kids about what is out of this world. "There are 13 different interactive parts including kids will be given an explorer card so as they find different graphic elements and the answer different questions they can save it to their card which they can take home with them"
And in Omaha, stroll through some giant blocks the kids can bug out over. At Lauritzen Gardens, there's several larger than life items made from blocks on display. "More than 450 thousand pieces make up the exhibit which I find incredible. How many pieces. The largest sculpture is over 65,000 pieces alone, that is the peacock, and the monarch butterfly comes on in under that, they really take a lot of time to put together."
Keep the Lego love going at the Children's Museum is building up their latest addition. "He's really liking the exhibit a lot, he's really liking the blocks-the big blocks especially". "The kids are just entertained especially during the winter months to get them out to do something and be more active." Block party activity stations include building a Lego car and test it on a race track, constructing a building and evaluate its durability on a quake table, and playing with life sized blocks. I encourage making and busting through a wall.