Trendy Beauty: Microblading your eyebrows

Posted: 1:49 PM, Jun 15, 2017
Updated: 2017-06-15 14:51:25-04

Full eyebrows have been a trend for quite a while, but now a new trend of microblading adds a semi permanent solution that is saving women around Omaha a lot of time.

Cary Wurth is a big fan of following make up trends, but the busy mom is also a fan of maximizing her time.

"Just my daily routine was starting to get to long, especially with having four kids at home," Wurth said.

Enter microblading. This popular beauty procedure has backed up estheticians like Jacqui Jewett.

"I am booked out a few weeks to a month right now," Jewett said.

The jist: a technician uses a pen that has nearly a dozen tiny needles in a row that form a blade. They dip it in color and cutting into the skin. The idea is the blade can replicate the actual brow hair.  You go in twice for the process. First for the main session, that takes about two hours. Then you go again, after you have healed, for a touch up session. Those will cost about $550 total. The tattoo-like-brows last on average, up to a year. 

The warnings: some experts consider it less precise. They also say a poor technician could leave you scared and say fixing mistakes is more difficult. You will bleed. And, of course, it is a needle going into your face.

Above all, do the background before you go for the blade. Look at things like portfolios and safety certifications.

"I use a new needle for every single client. They come in a pre-sterilized package," Jewett said. "We don't reuse needles, we don't do any of that. And then I have taken a blood born pathogen class, a first aid class-all of that was part of my certification."