Trendy Beauty:Selling Lipsense, Rodan & Fields

Posted at 4:33 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 17:35:15-04

How about buying something for your skin without ever showing your face to a salesperson? Lipsense, Rodan and Fields- it can happen on Facebook or Instagram or a variety of social media sites these days. More and more women are making money staying home and being 'on trend' with their cosmetics.

It's a late Thursday morning at Amy Vacek's house. She and her kids are packing lipsense lipsticks to mail out in bright pink packaging.

"Let's grab an apple cider, and purple rain," she says to her daughter.

Vacek's been selling Lipsense, a product from cosmetic maker Senegence, for less than a year. She manages her orders through a Google doc, and then fills orders through Paypal.

"I just put on the packaging that prints off the of the computer and I always have the kids go run it out to the mailbox," she said.

Lipsense is likely clogging up your Facebook feed. It's the latest in a boom of multi-level marketing, or MLM businesses, where the sales force usually works from home, and not only makes money from what they sell -- but from other people they recruit as sales people.

"I have people that really have no intention of running this huge business. They just are in it because they love the products," Vacek said.

For Dani Webber, skin care is a passion, that stemmed from a serious problem.

"I was diagnosed with skin cancer," the full time teacher and mom said.

Webber started selling Rodan and Fields skin products about a year and a half ago after she first used it for her skin following cancer treatments.

"It works and does wonders, and I was hooked. I just wanted to share it with other people," she said.

Both women say they paid money upfront to buy the products they sell. They also add of course, there's the perk of side cash. It's something beautiful for the face and beautiful for the pocketbook.