Trendy Beauty:stick needles in your face

What you need to know before you try microneedling
Posted at 2:43 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-07 16:09:03-05

Would you let thousand of needle pricks hit your face to turn back the clock?

Mindy Mahoney of Omaha says yes.

"I'm a mom of two young kids and I've got my big 40th this year," she said.

It's trend that is growing from the spa and dermatologist office to your home: Microneedling.

"It is a very small fine needles vibrating up and down to where you can make numerous holes in one pass," explains Dr.  Gerard J. Stanley, Jr., M.D., a cosmetic surgeon and owner of SCULPT Cosmetic Surgery.

How does it work? Basically tiny needles pierce the skin, stimulating the body's natural regeneration response. Now microneedles are selling for at home use. Jamie O'Banion's Glopro, sold on HSN, is one of a number of microneedling tools marketed for at-home use. Prices for microneedling products range from $30 to the $200 vibrating Glopro. At Sculpt, an in-office treatment starts around $300.

Dermatologists warn the wrong at home treatment can cause more harm than good. Dermatologist Jeanine Downie offers in-office microneedling treatments to reduce scarring, signs of aging, and even stretch marks. She cautions against the use of at-home tools.

"It can spread infection, it can actually cause scarring, and it can make whatever you're trying to treat worse," she said.

The FDA has also issued warning letters to several microneedling pen manufacturers (not including glopro). How do you know what's best for you? Best advice, Stanley says, do your research.

"There's numerous companies that make it. The big thing is you know you want either a collagen pan or a derma pen. One of the better companies that's really focused on the science, that has really good controls so you know you're not getting too deep or to shallow," he said.

And as far as the biggest question, does it hurt?  Mindy Mahoney says no.

"There's no pain or just comfort at all I'm actually surprised," she said during a treatment.