UNO's Techcademy teaches students IT

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 17:49:08-04

Summer break is a time when many parents look to keep the kids busy and engaged. One camp at UNO is taught by college students, for middle and high school kids.

For Carter Brehm, technology just clicks.

"I run a tech support business and I run a website online. I am trying to learn new coding aspects," he said. 

Brehm is one of 300 students enrolled in the techcademy summer camps at UNO.

In its ninth year, the camps are seeing record numbers of students enrolling wanting to learn skills basic or otherwise.

"I've learned that photo shopping isn't just putting pictures on top of each other," Akshay Mehta said.

The camps are geared towards 11 - 16 year olds and have students working in digital music, photoshop, cybersecurity, and developing phone apps.

"Depending on what you do, you could do something extremely hard cause there are more advance classes. There are also some for some very beginners," Alexandra Raymond said.

Many of the instructors at the camp are current students at UNO's College of Information Science and Technology. Some, like Joel Alloe, went through techcademy and are giving back now by teaching.

"After that week, I was like 'I think computer science is what I want to major in," he said.

All week, students work on one project. The sessions end in a big party, where they get to show off their work to their parents and other campers. 

"I'm looking forward to showing everyone the project I am making. It's a movie poster," Aakash Mehta said.