Volunteers add vibrance to South Omaha planters

Posted at 2:46 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 17:46:21-04

Volunteers worked all Tuesday morning to make the charm on South 24th Street little more visible.

"In the olden days this was called the magic city," Madeline Moyer, President, South Omaha Business Association said.  "And there's so much charm and charisma here that people don't even realize.  People here want to help people, truly. You have a lot of businesses that have started from the bottom, they're family-owned businesses, and I think that adds a lot of charm."

Ross Pesek lives and works in South Omaha.

"We do have a vibrant business community," Pesek, South Omaha Business Association board member said.  "There's a ton of businesses on 24th street, and they're all open for business and anybody can come down."

"This is where I kind of grew up," Linda Velazquez said.  "It's nice. I think it just brings memories of our homes back in Mexico."

Lowes donated supplies, students from Metropolitan Community College installed the irrigation system, and the South Omaha Business District maintains the planters. But everyone today has a vested interest in beautification

"I feel like its a part of giving back to my community and giving back to where I grew up," Paola Corona said.  "I would see people work on this, and now to be a part of this, it's something else that I think it really hard to describe."

"I think if this looks better, people will like their community," Pesek said. "People will feel that there is pride and care in their community."

He hopes people outside of the South Omaha community will come down to experience the vibrancy.