Couple stays positive despite multiple disasters

Posted at 5:48 PM, May 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-10 19:49:55-04

“You know after you’ve lost so much in one year, it kind of feels like just stuff now,” said Pat Joyner.

Just when the Joyner family thought they were going to catch a break, disaster struck their farm once again. 

“Well this can’t be real, this is something out of a horror movie,” said Jim Joyner.

In February of 2015 an electrical fire destroyed the Joyner’s 150 year old farmhouse and on Monday mother nature took their beloved barn. 

“It’s another piece of history gone.  Our grandkids have enjoyed it, we’ve enjoyed it, Lord knows how many other people have enjoyed it in 150 years,” said Pat Joyner. 

The Joyner’s lived in the barn while their new log cabin was built.  A month before they moved in Pat Joyner had a heart attack and had to have triple bypass surgery.  

Recently, things were finally getting back to normal. 

“So we thought that we are going to relax and enjoy our place all through the summer and then this happens,” said Jim Joyner.

First came the hail.

“My granddaughter had to hold two hands out to hold one piece of hail,” said Pat Joyner.

Soon after came the EF-2 tornado.  Jim and Pat road out the storm in their basement.  When they came outside they found the roof torn off their barn, trees down and wood strewn about.  The couple says they couldn’t dwell, they had to start cleaning up. 

“We’ll work until it gets too dark,” said Pat Joyner.

Neighbors came over on Tuesday to help the couple.   As tough as it is to have to pick up the pieces once again, somehow the Joyners are still able to find the good in their situation. 

“It was kind of a sign of hope this morning when I was standing out on the front deck and the orioles were already looking for new places to build their nests,” said Pat Joyner.