What you to need to stay safe during a flood

Posted at 1:47 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 15:21:29-04
Severe Weather Awareness Week continues today and our topic is flooding. 
Many areas near streams, creeks, lakes, and rivers, experience flooding, and flash flooding, when heavy Spring rains arrive. 
Most people don't realize, that flooding is the #1 cause of weather related fatalities in the United States.  On average, each year, flooding claims 81 lives.  
That's more than tornadoes, lightning, or hurricanes.  More than half of these deaths occur, when people try to drive across flooded roads.  It's difficult to determine the depth of the water, or the condition of the roadway below.  This is especially true at night, when vision is limited. And people often underestimate the power and force of water.  Just six inches of fast moving water, can knock down, and carry away an adult.  
12 inches of water can float a small car.  And eighteen to twenty-four inches of water can carry away most vehicles, including large SUV's. 
So remember, during a flood or flash flood, seek higher ground immediately.  Never drive or walk through a flooded road.  Whenever approaching a flooded road, play it safe: Turn around, Don't Drown. 
It's great advice that will help keep you and your family safe during severe weather.  Many thanks to the National Weather Service, for much of the information mentioned in this article.