Severe Weather Awareness Week: Tornadoes


OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - The National Weather Service along with Nebraska Emergency Management and the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Division declared this week severe weather awareness week.

Meteorologists at KMTV are working to make sure you know about the severe weather that could be coming your way this season in an effort to keep you prepared and safe. 

Wednesday's topic is tornadoes. They are considered one of most feared weather threats.  Here are some great tips and information courtesy of the National Weather Service...


  • Pick a tornado safe room in your home such as a basement, storm cellar or an interior room on the lowest floor with no windows.  Do not stay in large rooms such as auditoriums or gymnasiums.
  • Make sure all members of your family know where to go.
  • Store emergency supplies such as a first­-aid kit and flashlights with extra batteries are stored there in case you need them.
  • Put together a family communications plan.
  • You should also identify a safe location at work or school.
  • Do not get caught in traffic in the storm!  Plan well in advance.


  • When a Tornado Warning is issued, you should immediately go to a tornado safe room.
  • If you are outside, you need to seek shelter inside a sturdy building.
  • Mobile homes are never safe during a tornado. If you are in a mobile home or a recreational vehicle, you should head for a storm shelter.
  • If you cannot quickly walk to a shelter immediately get into a vehicle, buckle your seat belt and try to drive to the closest sturdy shelter.


  • If you are in an area that was damaged, be careful of debris that may include sharp or dangerous objects and watch out for downed power lines and broken gas lines.
  • Use battery­-powered flashlights when examining buildings.   Do NOT use candles which could start a fire.
  • If you smell gas or hear a blowing or hissing noise, open a window and get everyone out of the building quickly and then call the gas company or fire department.
  • Use the telephone only for emergency calls so rescue operation lines aren't tied up. Text your friends and family to let them know you’re ok.
  • If you were outside of the area damaged by the tornado, stay off the phone so that emergency calls can get through. Use text messages and social media to let your friends and family know you’re ok.
  • Stay away from areas that were damaged so you don’t hamper rescue operations. Only return to damaged areas when local law enforcement gives the all­-clear.

Tune into KMTV Action 3 News today to learn more about tornadoes. 

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