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Non-Alcoholic Beers And Other Virgin Adult Beverages Worth Trying For Dry January

Non-Alcoholic Beers And Other Virgin Adult Beverages Worth Trying For Dry January
Posted at 8:55 AM, Jan 03, 2023

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If you’re considering participating in Dry January by giving up alcohol for the month, you’re not alone.

According to Curren Goodden Associates, a company that researches the food and drinks market, 35% of U.S. adults took part in Dry January in 2022, either completely abstaining from alcohol or swapping it for beverages like non-alcoholic beer and other virgin adult options.

Dry January began in 2013 when it was first hosted by Alcohol Change UK, a British charity. Today, the initiative is now easier than ever to participate in thanks to the rise of drinks like non-alcoholic beer, wine and cocktails for those that want something to drink, but also want to ditch the booze. According to CGA, non-alcoholic drinks have added $295 million in revenue to the bar and restaurant industry by attracting customers who may have otherwise stayed home.

Along with the non-alcoholic beer you can buy in stores from brands like Budweiser and Guinness, take a look at some of the drinks — including non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine and even non-alcoholic spirits — you can find right on Amazon.

Seedlip Spice 94, 23.7 Ounces ($27.19)


A calorie-free and sugar-free spirit alternative, Seedlip Spice 94 combines notes of allspice, cardamom and grapefruit. It can be enjoyed alone over ice or combined with ginger ale, tonic water or your favorite mixer.

This drink has more than 1,000 5-star reviews. Customers say they were pleasantly surprised at the taste. One customer even offered up their favorite recipe.

“I love the added aromas and complexity Seedlip Spice 94 adds to a non-alcoholic cocktail,” wrote Amazon customer KimR. “Here is my drink: 1 oz seedlip spice 94, juice of whole meyer lemon, carbonated water, and simple syrup with a hint of vanilla (very easy to make at home which also makes it very inexpensive.)”

Parch Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, 8-Pack ($44.95)


The brand Parch has two mocktail flavors available on Amazon, both priced at $44.95 for an eight-pack. Choose between Prickly Paloma or Spiced Pinarita or a variety pack of both for around $5.62 per can.

The drinks are made with 100% plant-based ingredients including organic Weber’s blue agave, ashwagandha, L-theanine, American ginseng and gamma-aminobutyric acid. They’re designed to provide complex flavor as well as stress relief. Reviewers like the smoky, nuanced flavors and say they mix well.

BrewDog Non-Alcoholic Beer, 12-Pack ($55.99)


If you’re typically a beer drinker, this 24-pack ofBrewDog Non-Alcoholic Beer is priced at $55.99, or just $2.33 per can. The pack includes the brand’s Punk IPA, Elvis Juice, Hazy IPA and Nanny State Golden Ale.

With more than 100 5-star reviews, the beer has a total of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers say it tastes like real beer and consider this their favorite brand of non-alcoholic beer.

“This was surprisingly good and comparable to IPAs. You could tell something was missing, but all in all, for no alcohol it exceeded my expectations,” wrote Amazon customermikeyp18. “Unfortunate the price for non alcoholic beers is more than regular beer, but this was pretty good value compared to other name brands.”

Lyre’s Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit, Amaretto Style, 23.7 Ounces ($35.99)


Lyre’s Amaretti Non-Alcoholic Spirit can take the place of a classic liqueur if you pour it over ice or mix it with lemon, orange and maraschino to make an amaretto sour.

Customers give this mock liqueur 4 out of 5 stars from more than 280 ratings. They say it tastes like actual amaretto without the alcohol smell, has a great flavor and makes a good stand-in for classic drinks.

Tost All-Natural Alcohol-Free Sparkling Beverage, 25.4 Ounces, 3-Pack ($31.34)


An alcohol-free alternative to champagne, this TÖST All-Natural Alcohol-Free Sparkling Beverage is priced at $31.34 for three bottles, making each one just $10.45. Made with agave for a balanced sweetness, it features notes of white tea, white cranberry and ginger.

This sparkling beverage has 4.4 out of 5 stars from almost 400 ratings. Customers say it tastes like wine, has a good flavor and is very bubbly, making it perfect for celebrations.

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin, 750ml, ($33.99)


Inspired by classic London Dry gin, Monday Zero Alcohol Gin has no carbs, gluten, sugar or calories. It’s designed for mixing up alcohol-free cocktails like a gin and tonic, gimlet or martini.

Priced at $33.99 for a 750ml bottle, it has more than 860 5-star reviews. Customers say it tastes like real gin, is great for making drinks and is perfect for Dry January.

“I bought this thinking it might make dry January a bit more fun — and it is doing just that! I look forward to my evening mocktail, and suspect when I return to my real G&T I will use less gin and add the Monday in its place,” wrote Amazon customerK. Peterson. “The packaging is terrific so the bottle looks lovely on the bar cart. Very impressed with this company and its product.”

High Rhode by Kin Euphorics, 16.9 Ounces ($49.99)


High Rhode by Kin Euphorics is a non-alcoholic aperitif with herbal notes of bitters, tart citrus, spices and a floral finish. It contains caffeine, L-theanine, vitamin B6 and rhodiola rosea designed to boost immunity and cognition while alleviating stress. It has no sugar and two grams of carbs
The brand suggests pairing it with tonic or sparkling water, honey or agave, or the fruit juice of your choice, then garnishing it with citrus wedges, cherries or rosemary. This beverage has more than 300 5-star reviews.

“I ADORE the stuff in this bottle!” reviewer MWM posted. “The wonderful High Rhode buzz minus the booze aftermath, is delightful! It’s a sunny-disposition kind of feeling.”

Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic Craft Brew Pale Ale, 12-Pack ($29.99)


Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic Craft Brew comes in a pack of 12 for $29.99. The non-alcoholic beer has 10 calories, 0 grams of carbs and no sugar.

Made with natural ingredients and a mix of fruity and floral hops, the brand’s pale ale has flavors of orange zest and grapefruit and a whisper of pine. It gets a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from more than 110 reviewers, who like its flavor and find it refreshing.

Lyre’s Classico Grande Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Sparkling Wine Style, 25.4 Ounces ($16.65)


Lyre’s Classico Grande Non-Alcoholic sparkling wine has notes of fresh peach and Granny Smith apples. This bottle is priced at $18.50, but you can save 10% for a limited time by clipping a coupon at checkout, taking the price to $16.65.

The brand suggests serving it chilled in a flute in place of champagne or adding it to soda with an orange to create a non-alcoholic Amalfi spritz. This product has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from more than 130 customers.

Sutter Home Fre White Zinfandel Non-Alcoholic Wine 750 ml ($19.99)


Priced at $19.99, this Sutter Home Fre White Zinfandel Non-alcoholic Wine has more than 300 5-star reviews, with customers saying it tastes just like Sutter Home’s actual white zinfandel wine.

While some people said it was a bit sweeter than actual wine and they could taste a bit of a difference, those that used it for cooking said it made their dish taste the same as if it were actual wine.

Want to try out Dry January for yourself this year? Harvard Medical School has offered some tips for how to successfully stay away from alcohol in January 2023. One includes finding a good substitute non-alcoholic drink — and with the list above, you’re well on your way!

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