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Old El Paso Has New Taco Kits With Flavors From Japan, Korea And The Caribbean

Posted at 12:45 PM, Jul 01, 2020

For those of us who are tired of our own cooking after following stay-at-home orders, any easy ideas for changing up the weeknight dinner routine are very welcome.

Even if you’ve found you can make a mean grilled cheese, or you’ve mastered one-pot taco spaghetti, perhaps you’ve been craving food you usually only get when on vacation in other parts of the world.

Luckily, there is now an at-home solution to your travel food woes: Old El Paso’s world taco kits. Unlike Old El Paso’s other products that bring you a taste of Mexico, the new world taco kits offer a global take on the classic taco with flavors inspired by the Caribbean, Japan and Korea!


Old El Paso

Each kit includes 10 tortillas, one seasoning packet and one sauce packet. Seasonings and sauces include mild jerk and medium pineapple pepper sauce (Caribbean); mild teriyaki and medium honey soy sauce (Japan); and mild Korean barbecue and medium sesame chile sauce (Korea).

Just add your own meat or vegetarian protein.  The Caribbean taco kit is meant for chicken or pork, while the Japan kit pairs well with chicken or steak and the Korean kit is ideal for ground beef or steak.

While you do not need other toppings, if you want to keep it simple, you could add pineapple to your Caribbean tacos, green onions and carrots to your Japanese tacos and slaw to your Korean meal.

Old El Paso

The kits are on grocery store shelves nationwide now for a suggested retail price of $3.80, which is just 38 cents per taco, not including the cost of the meat.

They are also joining a few other new products from Old El Paso, including a line-up of sauces like zesty ranch and creamy queso and other new seasoning packets including chorizo and al pastor.

Old El Paso

Looking for even more ways to spice up your taco game? Check out these recipes for chicken wonton tacos and Crescent Roll taco bake instead to bring a new flavor to Taco Tuesday.

What is your favorite way to enjoy tacos?

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