Metro school's partnership helps student get second chance on the field

Posted at 11:31 AM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 12:58:24-04

A new alliance is bringing two Metro area schools together.

This year, Concordia High School in Omaha is offering sports to Omaha Street School, an alternative high school which doesn’t have them

For student Ty'vione Jones, it wasn’t only another chance to play on the field, but also another shot at life.

“I was happy about the second chance to just really taking advantage,” he said.

Coach Lance Griffin at Concordia High played a huge role in giving 15-year-old Jones an opportunity to play high school football.

“I always tell him, listen: I can provide an opportunity for you, but I can't make you do the work,” Griffin said.

Last year, Jones found himself in trouble. He would skip class and was hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Still, Jones played football but he could lose that too.

Coach Griffin, who knew Jones since 8th grade suggested he go to Omaha Street School.

“They caught my eye with a lot of stuff. I was kind of hard headed when I got there,” he said.

“They kind of calmed me down. I looked at stuff different.”

The Omaha Street School  is a faith-based alternative option. It provides one-on-one learning for students.

But the school doesn't offer sports.

But Concordia offered Street School students an option and this year, students like Jones can play in some sports.

 “He fit right in.” Griffin said.

“The kids here, the guys here are accepting through their faith and through the school by teaching good habits.”

This partnership brought together two completely schools with different backgrounds creating one team.

This isn't only about football for Coach Griffin. He says it's what happens off the field.

Senior Cody Thompson is a defensive back for the mustangs and guides Jones both on and off the field.

“We have team dinners at someone's house before games and everything. We learn each other,” he said.

The team even prays together after practice and before games.

Between Omaha Street School and Concordia, this experience is an eye-opener for Jones.

“They gave me an opportunity that a lot of people wouldn’t have gotten,” he said.

“So I feel like it was a gift.”

This partnership is a level playing field.  No matter who steps on the field and where they’ve come from.