Aqua Zone "wets" appetite for fun

Posted at 3:14 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 17:52:55-04
Each year the folks from USA swimming try to up their fun game in the aqua zone. its a place where anyone can get into for free. you don't even need a ticket. 
In total, thirty interactive exhibits are highlights on the Aqua Zone floor. And most of them you don't need a ticket for. 
Here's a few: 
  • Log rolling: From a mother daughter duo on a mission. Abby Hoeschler and mom Judy have brought the sport to seven countries and more than 350 clubs, camps, colleges and military bases nationwide in the past three years. Their dream is bring log rolling to the Olympics. It's fitting they're doing it here in Omaha. The the very first log rolling contest happened here back in 1898.
  • Surf Omaha: The flow rider simulates surfing some major waves. The guys who made it are from California, so you know they know waves. They'll give you some tips, but after that, you're up against 20 thousand gallons of water and gravity! Extra cost for booth.
  • Michael Phelps spa: This swimming treadmill lets you swim in a pool in which water shoots in one direction. The speeds vary, and you can try the speed at which Michael Phelps swims. 
  • Virtual reality booth: "We had cameras on the pool deck {Sunday night}. Fans will be able to come in, put on the virtual reality goggles. They will look around the whole venue and feel what it's like to be on the pool deck, awards stand, and really just see the entire trials from a virtual reality experience," Matt Farrell with USA Swimming said. 
  • Mutual of Omaha Water Wall: Rock climbing wall that looks like swimming lanes.