CWS fans spend another night Neb., others can't

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 19:15:59-04
The switch in schedules threw some fans' plans into a frenzy, trying to rearrange flights and hotels.
The finale Thursday afternoon did not work out for everybody, for others it came out a big a winner for sticking around.
This couple, married 50 years, travel the world for sports events and say they’re sold on the College World Series the rest of their lives.
After the finale game was rescheduled from Wednesday, because of severe weather, they couldn’t make game 17.
“We’ll be back next year. We may add an extra day,” said Patricia Pardoen, laughing. “We thought we were being safe adding an extra day in case it went to the third game. This is an unusual experience. But you never know with the weather.”
Despite the College World Series, and the U.S. Olympic Swim trials going on at the same time, there are seats available out of Omaha, said Steve McCoy, airline affairs manager.
“We understand the frustration that some passengers might feel there with re-accommodations, what we would recommend is that passengers work with their perspective airlines to see what could be done with rebooking,” McCoy said.
If you are staying that extra night, the metropolitan hospitality association says there are some rooms open downtown.
“Guests may have checked out already, we may not have a room,” said Tim Darby, president of the Metropolitan Hospitality Association. “We may have to direct them to another hotel or same scenario, we have people coming back from the game saying ‘hey, I had planned on staying but now I'm going to check out.’”  
Not a happy day for everyone, though.
Magnolia Hotel Desk Clerk Rachel Poast says there were a lot of tears Wednesday night, guests who couldn’t stay for Coastal Carolina’s shining accomplishment. 
“Not a lot of people have extended their stays,” Poast said. “Which, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I heard that some kids were crying last night about it. They had to go home. The stay was over, they had to go home and get back to real life.”
Carby, who also manages Magnolia, says getting a hotel room downtown at this point is like trying to find parking.
He says there’s a strong chance you’ll find a room if you make a phone call.