High Tech Video Scoreboards giving students big league experience

Posted at 10:43 AM, Sep 23, 2016
A new high tech, high definition video scoreboard is coming to Omaha area high schools,  and with it, students are getting a first hand experience that is preparing them for the future.  
It looks a taste of the big leagues for many Omaha athletes and fans, but the new high tech, video scoreboards are giving students a chance to step up their game on the field, and in the classroom.   
Skutt Catholic High School Student Activities Director, Jeremy Moore says the new video scoreboards are going to "wow" everyone. He says, "Its mind blowing even to myself, and to our students - its really an amazing piece of equipment."
Skutt Catholic is just one of several metro schools rolling out the new technology, produced by Omaha based Scorevision. Gordon Whitten, CEO Scorevision says, the opportunities are endless. "We're seeing things like kids building tunnel walk videos, students in the journalism or production department, doing interviews with other students and turning them into clips, that can be shown during half time of the game, it's a great opportunity."
Skutt's Moore adds,  "The most amazing part is, sports gives back to education a lot, and this is a way education really gives back to sports."
Scorevision explains the new scoreboards are more than keeping track of touchdowns, baskets and points. 
They use high definition, LED video screens and give the students the ability to create and run the technology with the simple touch of an Ipad.  
Even more exciting for the schools, Scorevision says the data is stored on its platform, so coaches have immediate access to detailed statistics from every game. 
Players can track their own stats, and even fans can get in on the action, with a fan app.
Whitten explains, "Because it's all cloud based, there is a fan app that every fan in the entire stadium - whether they're at the game or at home, will be able to use to see the play by play of the game. Which is not something you even see at College or Pro-games and they'll have it in high schools all across America."  
And the technology isn't exclusive to Omaha. The company tells us, the scoreboards are sweeping the nation 
going in, at schools from Arizona to California this fall.